Brainfreeze Polar Plunge


Rain or Shine!

Our 1st Annual Brainfreeze Polar Plunge – Saturday, February 29, 2020 –  is just around the corner!  Get ready – registration is opened–  sign up, join a team, be in on the action!!

Brainfreeze Polar Plunge

Brainfreeze is worth freezing for. We promise! It’s energizing, exciting, and Instagrammable from tide in to tide out. People of all ages gather in subzero temperatures, warm up with a little light yoga and mindfulness, and then voluntarily jump in freezing water. If you’re looking to #bethechange for mental health education and awareness, this is a perfect day to leap in.  All donations will help train, educate, and empower community members as they revolutionize how we view mental health.  Every person, young or old, should feel comfortable talking about mental health, and we can make this a reality together.

Registration for the 1st Annual Brainfreeze Polar Plunge is open. Each polar bear participant  is asked to fundraise a minimum of $100.  100% of those funds support Navigate Hope, Inc’s mental health programs. 

Get ready for one of the best days you’ve ever had – join us at our 1st Annual Brainfreeze Polar Plunge Event!! Get a team together – register as an individual – be a spectator – make a donation – be part of an amazing event! We want to make history this year on February 29, 2020. Many thanks to all our supporters! We couldn’t do what we do without YOU. See you all on February 29th at Landshark Landing – Lake Lanier!! 



About Navigate Hope, Inc

More than 1.4 million Americans attempt suicide each year. On average, 129 Americans die by suicide each day. 90% of those who died by
suicide had a diagnosable mental health condition at the time of their death. 
Things need to change.
Navigate Hope, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit that provides training, support and education to empower community members to revolutionize the way we view mental health. Through Navigate Hope, Inc programs, community members identify and dismantle barriers to positive mental health in their communities. Through ambitious innovations in mental health, we give people the resources they need to educate themselves in order to build a stronger community. We’re working towards a community where all people understand how to take care of their own mental health and look out for each other. A community without shame, where all those who need support get the help they deserve. Our movement is powerful. We’re just getting started!
Days until The Plunge!

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